The Most Ruthless Ways Women Have Dumped Their Cheating Men

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In case you havent been reading the news this week, Former US rep. Anthony Weiner was caught sexting AGAIN. And this time, his hot babe of a wife has totally HAD IT.

On Monday morning, Huma Abedin announced that she would be separating from her scandalous husband.

While her public statement was professional, we can only imagine what kind of shitstorm she threw at her horny hubby behind closed doors.

Because, as it turns out, women tend to leave their cheating exes in much moreruthless ways than men do, according to a new survey

The survey which polled 1,000 people revealed that 67percent of men are willing to give their wives a second chance after discovering that theyvehad an affair.

One third of men(32 percent) also said they would forgive their wives for cheating because they realized that they, as husbands, had been neglectful, and could understand why their wives would stray.

Menwill also take back theirwives 82 percent of the time if she owns up to what she did and promises to stay with him. But if their partnerdoesnt confess to cheating but is instead caught, the survival rate of their marriage drops to 52 percent.

Women, on the other hand, are much more brutal and cutthroat.

Fifty-twopercent of women say they would stay with their husbands after discoveringtheyhad an affair, but over half (54 percent) admittedthat they wouldnt be able to move on from their husbands infidelity because they saw it as part of a pattern that would likely happen again. (Weinergate proves theyre probably right!)

Plus, if a man confesses what he did and promises his wife hell stay with her, he only has a 68 percent chance of getting her back. If aman is caught cheating, the survival rate of their marriage drops to an all-time low of42 percent.

This newIllicitEncountersresearch shows that women really do react much [worse]to cheating than men, and that a husbands adultery is more likely to end in divorce than a wifes,saysChristian Grant, a spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.

You get the picture here: Women really dont like being cheated on.

I mean, Im a woman and I can say I dont doubt these findings for a second.Theres no way I would be able to stay with someone who cheated on me. And I think I could say the same for most of my female friends.

This study and its use of the word ruthless really got me thinking.

What are some of the most savage ways women have dumped their cheating schmuck boyfriends? I turned toReddit to find out,and boy, did people deliver.

Read along and see some of the most RUTHLESS ways women dumped their evil, cheating exes.

She took him straight to the bus stop.

She completely iced him out.

She got his business involved.

She moved on.

Ive got toadmit, as much as I respect a savage bitch, I kind of like that last one.

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