Poor little kid absentmindedly “steals” a cup from a restaurant, freaks out

In this clip, a youngster realizes that he accidentally took his cup with him after eating at a restaurant. He is terrified that he’s going to be in deep, deep trouble with the law…and his prankster mom does nothing to alleviate the fear…

(via Voices, AFV)

Public opinion seems pretty evenly split between thinking this is hilarious and thinking this is mean. Thoughts?

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9 responses to “Poor little kid absentmindedly “steals” a cup from a restaurant, freaks out”

  1. Ryan says:

    Whats wrong with you guys? Everyone is so uptight. Give me a break. She let that happen for all of thirty seconds and it taught her a lot about her son, and it taught her son a lot about stealing and being careful with others items. Oh and it was hilarious! Lighten up.

  2. Cherri says:

    NOTHING funny about that. Cruel.

  3. Paula says:

    That’s the point. He didn’t steal. A kid that sensitive doesn’t need that. He won’t trust what she says now.

  4. slayerwulfe says:

    what a cool mom, i’d love 2 B 8 yrs. old messing with her head.

  5. Lisa says:

    That was sickening. What the hell is wrong with (A) the mother, (B) submitting the video to a show, and (C) audience members laughing at it. I echo the sentiments above: Mean, cruel, and downright awful.

  6. pukodlak says:

    Yeah, I feel sorry for him too. Still laughed my arse off though :)

  7. Chelsi says:

    It doesn’t sound like he needed a lesson about stealing. This video is ridiculous.

  8. Pam Arthur says:


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