Matthew McConaughey Shocks College Students Fighting Rape on Campus When He Showed Up to Give Them a Ride

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The University of Texas Longhorns didn’t see this coming on their late-night walk home…

You may know him from movies like, Fools Gold, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Dallas Buyers Club, Failure to Launch, or maybe youre just really in-tune with the luxurious Lincoln MKX commercials. Wherever you know him from, Matthew McConaughey is one of Hollywoods most recognizable actors.

Like the normal person that he is, the A-lister was home in Texas for Thanksgiving this past week. He spent the day delivering meals with Meals on Wheels, but decided to take his community service up a notch.

The University of Texas Alumni teamed up with the school’s Student Governmentprogram, SURE (the Students United for Rape Elimination) Walk.

In an effort to combat sexual assaults on campus, students can take advantage of the SURE Walk program when returning home late at night. Volunteer escorts will accompany students on their walk through campus at night, ensuring that they dont have to walk alone.

Sometimes the escorts show up in a golf cart, and on this particular night the escort happened to be UTs own, Matthew McConaughey!

Because serving turkey and stuffing to those in his hometown community wasnt enough, McConaughey volunteered to be a SURE Walk escort for the evening. We think it’s safe to saythat each of his fellow Longhorns were returned home safely.



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