Girl Put On 100 Layers Of Clothing, Realized It’s A Terrible Idea Too Late

This girl struggling to get 100 layers of clothing off of her body is a really great metaphor for Americas reliance on capitalism and how it can potentially strangle society.

Its also may be the funniest video Ive seen online all month.

Listen, its been a REAL shitty year.

Every single one of our favorite celebrities have died and now were forced to deal with maybe the least tolerable election of all time. We need a break.

We need something to take our minds off of the complete and utter mess were all currently living in.

I honestly think this girl may be the person to bring us all together and give the world a collective mental break for a few seconds.

Heres my gift to you.

By the way, I know as much about this person as you do.

Its some young girl who decided to throw 100 layers of clothes on and then got stuck and started freaking out.

Pure. Simple. Perfect.

Supposedly this #100layersofclothes challenge is a trending hashtag on Twitter.

As much as that makes me lose a solid amount of faith in the next generation, it also makes me remember that the Internet isnt all anti-Donald Trump memes and MRA Facebook pages.

Its also simple joyful stuff like this.

Honestly, Brianna. Nobody just wants to see you effortlessly put these shirts on.

We all just want to see you struggle as you try to get out of this t-shirt cocoon youve built around yourself.

Also, 34 shirts is CHILDS PLAY. I wear 34 shirts for breakfast.

Yessss, now this is more like it.


Honestly, #10MinutesAfterITriedThe100LayerChallenge is a significantly better hashtag than #100LayerChallenge.

So, Twitter, please keep this thing going. Grab as much clothes as you can, hit the record button and then help make the Internet a little brighter.

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