For Some Reason, The White House Keeps The Kind Of Coffee Obama Drinks Top Secret

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President Obama Speaks With President Rouhani Of IranPresident Obama Speaks With President Rouhani Of Iran

The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser has always taken interest in the president’s choice of beverages.

He has previously inquired about Barack Obama’s favorite tea, beer and wine and received open answers without hesitation.

This is why he was dumfounded when the White House vehemently refused to tell him what the president prefers when it comes to coffee.

Requests for such information, Viser says, got either no response at all or a refusal to comply due to “security concerns.”

The secrecy remained a mystery for him until he discovered what the White House was really hiding: The President of the United States isn’t much of a coffee drinker at all.

Whenever we see Obama drinking from a mug, it seems it is almost always filled with tea.

A hint was given last June when Obama chose tea over coffee at Starbucks, even when summer temperatures had reached their peak.

Viser spoke to a few former members of the president’s personal staff, and none of them could remember Obama drinking coffee.

Arun Chaudhary, his former videographer, told the Globe,

Very honestly, I do not recall him drinking coffee ever.

This was echoed by the president’s former speech writer, who spent many early mornings and late nights with Obama.

Jon Favreau said,

I’ve seen him order tea quite a few times but never coffee.

Viser was able to find that the White House had placed several orders with Kona Rainforest Farm in Hawaii, home to some of the best coffee in the world, but these orders were for just 50 pounds at a time and weren’t made past July 2013.

Wherever the president’s coffee has come from since remains unknown and, as far as Viser is concerned, it’s nearly impossible to find out.

H/T: New York Mag, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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