Community Post: Death To “Manparel!”

1. “Manparel” is having a moment.

2. In fact, one might argue that it’s taking the worlds of fashion, journalism, and gender politics by storm.

3. “Manly” names for “feminine” fashions are everywhere — even for things that are gender neutral. Consider, for example:

4. Mandals

“Men’s sandals” just was not specific enough.

5. Manpris

It’s OK, John Mayer. Capris are tough to pull off, regardless of gender.

7. …since lady eyes are *totally* different.

8. Mantyhose (also known as “brosiery,” “guylons,” “beau-hose,” and “hose for bros”):

(Yes, it’s real.)

10. And because the term “jewelry” is unbearably girly…

11. Since men can’t carry “bags,” there’s the oh-so-controversial “murse,” aka the “man purse.”

13. Of course, it’s only justified when validated by gun-toting action heroes.

14. On the frightening fringe of this trend is the “mankini,” but that’s a whole other story…

15. This “manparel” terminology begs the question:

16. After all, when female factory workers ditched billowing skirts for more practical attire that wouldn’t get caught in machinery, no one called their pants “wants” or their trousers “wousers.”

Women who wore pants on the job during World War I earned the name “slack girls” for their gender-bending uniform. (To be fair, “wouser girls” might have been a term worth getting behind).

17. And the badass Katharine Hepburn wore suits, not “wuits” or “guits.”

American film actress Katharine Hepburn (1907–2003) on her arrival in London to play the lead in The Millionairess, 1952.

18. Plus, let’s not forget that these Renaissance chaps proudly wore “doublets and hose” — not “mantyhose” — alongside women sporting similar undergarments.

19. So why are these stunners “meggings” and not just leggings? Why a “murse” and not just a purse? It’s a fur coat, not a friggin’ moat!

20. Comedian George Carlin broke it down: “If you can’t handle the word, don’t even carry the bag. It’s a purse. I got one. What’s the big deal?”

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