Alex Trebek Rapping Drake On ‘Jeopardy!’ Is The Most Lit The Show Will Ever Be

Im usually not one for game shows, but Im REALLYdisappointed I missed Wednesdays episode of Jeopardy!

The shows host, Alex Trebek, rapped a verse of Drakes Jumpman on the show, andshit got REAL.

Twitter user @SavingScarlett was lucky enough to catch the golden moment on video. The 76-year-old television personality flawlessly rapsthe verse in its entirety.

In a robotic tone, he reads,

This Canadian rapped, Jumpan, jumpman, them boys up to somethin, uh uh uh I think I need some Robitussin.

And yes, he did pronounce each and every uh displayed on the screen.

Scarlettcaptioned the post, Why is Jeopardy so lit rn?

Damn, shes right. That was SO lit.

By the looks of things, Drakes got a new competitor on his hands and his name is Alex Trebek.

Wheres Rihanna? Maybe we can point her in Alexs direction if shes looking for a new bae.

Too soon? Im sorry.

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